The Runescape egg-cellent competition

In Runescape, the egg-cellent competition saw thousands of players collecting eggs and competing for an in-game title. Huge congratulations to E SO for collecting a total of 90,000 eggs during the two week competition.

May started off with a bang as we started this year's RuneScape Road Trip! Players turned up by the thousands to get a Road Trip chit token and to chill out during our JMod in-game sessions.

Take part in the Road Trip to unlock the amazing Explorer's aura to get access to your own instanced area filled with skilling locations or monsters to kill! If you're already working through your tasks, grab a JMod to give you a helping hand - we'll be in-game every day. For all the information, including a schedule of when you can hunt down a JMod, check out the Road Trip forum.

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